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Silver Spring Capital, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor located in Springfield, Tennessee.  The President of the firm is Ralph W. Illges, age 60, who has over thirty-five years of investment and management experience in a variety of financial services businesses.

Silver Spring Capital provides discretionary, fee-only investment advisory services to individuals, retirement plans, endowments and foundations.  Our only mission is to work to achieve a client's long term investment goals through diversified holdings of common stocks and high-grade fixed income securities, carefully selected and allocated to meet each client's unique needs. 

We do our best work assisting clients who have an existing investment portfolio that can best be described as "haphazard."  These individuals typically have as many as a dozen investment accounts, spread over several brokerage firms, banks and mutual fund companies.  Their assets are not being managed with any hint of a cohesive plan or investment objective.  We have an ability to bring order to their chaos, consolidating their assets into one or two different accounts, simplifying their life, and managing their combined assets in a cohesive fashion in keeping with their tolerance for risk.  We find that once our work has begun, our clients sleep better at night knowing exactly what they have, why it is invested the way it is, and having the confidence that they are finally working with some sort of plan (rather than a scattered approach working towards no particular goal).  Investing does not need to be complicated and we work to keep everything, from the types of investments we choose to the reports we issue, as simple as possible.

At Silver Spring Capital, everything we are and everything we do begins with the realization that our clients above all have place their trust in us.  We will never, ever take that trust for granted.



104 South Court Square
Springfield, TN   37172
Phone 615-382-8073    Fax 615-382-8197