Core Beliefs

Before you hire anyone to manage your assets, first make sure that their core beliefs align with your own.  If the two of you are not in agreement on these critical points, the relationship will never work.  At Silver Spring Capital, we believe the following:


  • The heart of investment management is proper asset allocation.  Your investment portfolio should be allocated across asset classes and thus tailored to meet your personal investment goals and risk tolerance.  One size does not fit all.
  • Investing is an exercise requiring diligence, thoughtful analysis, discipline and patience.  Very few individuals have the temperament to apply these skills when investing their own money.
  • Investing in equities is a proven way to build wealth over generations. Committing capital to a quality group of businesses and allowing them to quietly compound over time is one of the most profitable and tax efficient ways to be a successful investor.
  • Fee-based investment advice is free of the conflicting motivations inherent in the commission-driven, sales-based model.  It aligns the interests of the investment advisor with your interests because the fees you pay mirror the performance, good and bad, of your investment account.

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